Nasal Drug Delivery

Optimizing Nasal Drug Delivery

Choose the system that delivers medication to the entire nasal cavity, and keeps it there.

NasoNeb Nebulizer

Naso-Neb Results

Demonstrated deposition throughout the entire nasal and paranasal cavities

  • Optimized particle size, airflow and fluid volume.
  • Results in positive outcomes

Naso-Neb Spraying

Spray Bottles / MDI’s

Spray Bottle Nasal Result

Deposition only in the front of the nasal cavity

  • No supporting airflow. Limited deposition to the front of the nasal cavity.

Nasal Spray in action

Powered Irrigator / Atomizer

Powered Irrigator Results

Intended to wash out the nose, fluid goes in one nostril and comes back out the same side and is captured in a container to be discarded.

  • Inadequate airflow.
  • Limited distribution to the antrum
  • No more than 10% of residual drug left behind

Powered Irrigator Spraying

Modified Pulmonary Nebulizer

Pulmonary Nebulizer Results

Early nasal nebulizers are pulmonary nebulizers with nasal adapters. They generate small, lightweight particles (3-5 microns) that are carried to the lungs on the inhaled airstream. Non-sterile drugs and suspensions delivered to the lower airway may cause lung damage.

  • At most, 3% of drug delivered to the antrum of the nose.
  • 18-20% deposition of drugs in the pulmonary system

Pulmonary Nebulizer Spraying

Naso Neb Clinical Data

Backed by Clinical Data

NasoNeb-delivered pharmaceutical therapy demostrated a statistically-signifcant 50 LPM increase in daily nasal peak inspiratory flow (NPIF) from baseline to endpoint in the treatment arm of a parallel, randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled clinic trial examining the response to Budesonide delivered via NasoNeb in a perennial allergic rhinitis patient population.